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Chris Barker
Jul 23, 2021
In Welcome to the Forum
Hi All...... I am a small Ltd company Director that started to try and wind my failing company up (due to covid) and no other reason. Last year I took a small £6,2 k bounceback loan - through the Ltd company under the assurances of Sunak and spaffer Johnson that the loan would be 100% underwritten by the Government. This morning, I had a call from my bank saying that I was PERSONALLY responsible for the loan, also the Government are stalling and blocking people trying to close down their businesses....... I have traded since 2017 with no other debt and the money was used to pay myself a meagre 894 quid a month which didn`t even cover the rent, let alone food and bills........ now the bastards are telling me they can seixze my assets, take me to court and ruin my credit rating - just to make you all aware what is happening.
Chris Barker
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