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May 08, 2022
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13 year old boy dies during football match. Preliminary ( ie: pre autopsy) information states "A young Cavaliers player, Samuel Akwasi, collapsed on the pitch after suffering a Sudden Cardiac Arrest." In the Biased Broadcasting Cartels reporting you can see how they repeatedly use other terms like "medical emergency" however when a statement by the boys club was released that made reference to the cardiac arrest they were forced to stealth update the article to include actual reference to it. No information is available to establish if the boy had received one, two, five or twenty jabs but obviously cardiac arrest is incredibly rare in children on any age and even those much older unless there are pre existing conditions that can be a contributing factor. For such an athletically active child of his age it is highly suspect and whilst I haven't gone to look for the statistical data I will surmise with some confidence that the % or number of 13 year old boys who are above average physically active ( as defined by his place in a sports team) who not only suffer cardiac arrest but that is so severe it costs them their life is so tiny per year that even if I had've spent hours looking for the data on it would've been so small it would have a lot of zero's in the figure! Goes without saying that the biggest tragedy is that this young kid has died so take a moment to acknowledge his passing and spare a thought for those he left behind. SOURCE: Published: 8th May 2022 C2K
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