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When are people going to realise the only option is Nuclear?

BoJo and the energy secretary are dragging their knuckles on this one. Nuclear power is the only way forward, you're harnessing the strong nuclear force for heaven's sake! (Anyone who knows the fundamental forces understands that). Coupled with a sensible development of Nuclear Fusion - when that nut is cracked the Earth's energy problems are solved forever.

Nuclear Fusion? It cannot be weaponised, you cannot have a meltdown and what to do with the nuclear waste...? Inhale it into your lungs to have a squeaky voice for a few seconds.

The last time anyone bothered to calculate the quantity of deuterium was in 1995, they came to the conclusion that there was enough 'fuel' to last Earth 20 billion years which makes fusion more sustainable than solar. However these dickheads gluing themselves to the M25 don't like the word 'nuclear'. It pickles my very piss that these people exist.

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