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My theory on where this pandemic came from

I don't like hysterical conspiracy nutjobs, that ought to be clear by now, so this is just a theory/thought experiment:

What if: a corrupt staff-member working at the laboratories knew someone in the wet markets and was selling lab specimens to them secretly to make an extra buck? Pangolins and bats, not native to the area, would likely fetch a high price given their rarity. There would be no records kept and no traceability in such a market.

Do I have evidence? Hell no. Could this happen? I'd say it's at least possible, and would combine both lab-leak and wet market hypothesise. Nobody is going to admit to this so I can whistle for any forthcoming evidence, even if anyone did it would be suppressed by the Chinese state 'it make China look bad'. Again, just a thought. I think banal human stupidity is more likely than highly organised secret international groups indulging in population control. Comments welcome.

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