Marble Surface

Eco-mentalists are about to cry rivers, so let's kick them as they go down.

The idiots who behave like entitled children to save the entire planet and every living organism (how heroic and selfless!) are soon to abandon their own cause because of something gloriously predictable: MONEY.

Such idiots do not think, they feel. 'Objectivity,' 'scrutiny' and 'fact' are dirty words, 'hysteria' and 'feelings' are much more cuddly and easier to reconcile. But the chickens have come home to roost, it will now come down to 'how do I feel about polar bears' versus 'how do I feel about my energy bill.'

This coupled with the obvious and now evident trap-door of relying on Russia for energy security, let's just say it's not looking good for the Glacier Mints mascot...

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