Marble Surface

Daytime slumber-parties

It's always a wonder why these climate dickwads don't have their daytime lie-downs in LIDLs and Aldis rather than Waitrose and Marks and Spencers, isn't it? I tried to take video footage of me walking over them, I even stood on a guy's crotch but the bastard phone failed me. I cannot stand these fucking people, they're worse than remoaners.

Climate change is real. Duh.. The climate is always fucking changing! What is the alternative? Climate non-change? (Put out of your mind the existence of the ice-age.) Ask a Geologist or by extension a Paleontologist and yes, temperatures fluctuate hugely over millions of years and often quickly. We did have a thing called the 'medieval warm period' and the 'little ice age' afterwards. The hysteria needs to be checked and I will stamp on any motherfucker that gets between me and my packet of button-mushrooms, on my way to the sirloin steak. I don't care if I break your pelvis, it's why I wear steel toecaps when I shop.

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