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Can anyone suggest an overpass to Tony Blair?

As highlighted by WGAP's video, that war-mongering criminal now wants to charge people per mile they drive. It's not a new idea, he tried this back in 1999. To the majority of us, such a tax would be crucifying.

Surely being responsible for tens of thousands of deaths ought to be enough for Blair? I know he didn't do as well as Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, but Tony - you did kill tens of thousands? Unfortunately he's not done ruining, he wants to tax the shit out of us who have to drive in order to live. I think Tony ought to find an overpass and do the decent thing, putting the world out of his misery.

Does anyone have a good suggestion? Mine is junction 23A on the M1. Think of a nice Blair-proof drop that guarantees he's brown-bread. And I will email the list of suggestions to him.

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