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Anyone not missing Trump?

Joe Biden has the cognitive ability of a toddler on crack, Kamala Harris has the morals of a praying mantis. Kamala was asked why she hadn't visited the southern border, she joked she had also never been to Europe. Great.. Not only lazy, but also untravelled.

Trump made two failings during his Presidency: he didn't reform the voting system to combat voter-fraud. He didn't deal with big-tech or the media. Those were his two mistakes.

The FTC broke up Rockefeller's Standard Oil company in 1911, Trump ought to have set it upon big-tech to end their nonsense. The United States and by extension the world needs either Trump or someone like him back in the driving seat. Afghanistan is only the beginning of the extent of the damage Biden and the Democrats will cause the world.

[Edit] Can we be clear about the mineral wealth being talked about of Afghanistan and China/Russia benefitting? That is nothing compared to mineral wealth throughout the Commonwealth. Brexit Britain ought to align itself much more closely with Commonwealth states in Africa. Good cooperation with these countries will not only enrich them, but it will make Afghanistan look like an empty well. It's within our capability, and plenty of these countries actually rather like us. Comments welcome.

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